Martin & Rachelle

“The feeling of contentment and fulfillment I have at this time is nothing I’ve felt before in my life. I wonder to myself,
how can you love somebody this much? You really are the most precious gift God has given me.”

Martin to Rachelle

Sean & Karel

“For it is your heart that moves me. Your every flaw, I embrace.
It is your spirit that inspires me. Your humor that delights me everyday.
And your hand I want to hold for all of our days.”

JC & Tisha

Just when you thought you had given up on life, on love, someone comes along. Suddenly, your North becomes your South, the wind becomes warm, the signs change, the heart beats on a different pace. He found her. He found love. He found life.

Cris & Chiqui

“Marriage is not about feelings and emotions. It is the conscious effort to choose your person over anything and anyone else. I promise to choose you everyday for the rest of my life.”

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