27 Reasons Why I Love You

In this time of uncertainty, one thing is for sure— love deserves to be celebrated. Here’s Juancho celebrating with his wife Joyce. ♡

Happy Birthday Joyce Pring! #juanchoyce

Message from Joyce:

Love in the time of ECQ

It’s been some of the toughest weeks mankind’s ever faced, and yet God’s grace sustains us, day by day, enabling us to recover, survive, grow, and fight to live our lives, even it feels like most days the stacks are set against us.

Just a few months ago I was 26, I got married to my co-host who I was dating for just 7 months before he proposed. We just spent both our birthdays, two and a half weeks apart, for the first time as husband and wife – in our small apartment, away from our loved ones, in the midst of a pandemic and various national crises.

As I watched this again today – my husband’s video loveletter to me for my 27th birthday – I’m reminded to hold onto hope, when fear tightens its grip on us. Everlasting hope. Hope in the Lord. Hope in love. Hope in each other. Hope for a better future – maybe not in this lifetime, but in the eternity beyond.

My birthday was filled with hope, even though fear constantly surrounds us. I pray that you experience the same — fear and dire circumstances will always exist, the only difference is if we let it consume us, or we overcome it with overwhelming hope.

Thank you for all your greetings!!! Thank you for this, my love. @juanchotrivino
Also thank you Treehouse Story for bringing life to Juancho’s idea.

27 Reasons Why I Love You from Treehouse Story on Youtube.

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