Jai & Lisa | SDE

Jai and Lisa’s union is an answered prayer. Their beautiful journey is a true testament that love always perseveres. It perseveres through the ups and downs; it perseveres through time; it [...]

Alesi & Fay | Civil Wedding

Love in the pandemic isn’t cancelled. Treehouse’s very own Alesi and his beautiful bride Fay just proved that. When Covid-19 restrictions kept going, the couple knew that they had to [...]

Angelo & Yanille | SDE

When you meet your one true love, it’s no coincidence. Call it luck, call it destiny but there’s no force greater in this world than two hearts that beat as one. Yanille married her [...]

Brandon & Grass | Intimate Wedding Film

Brandon is Grass’ ultimate crush. He was an altar boy and she’d constantly check him out during mass service. When Grass finally got the opportunity to shoot her shot, the most [...]

Juancho TriviƱo & Joyce Pring | Baby Gender Reveal

Baby TriviƱo on the way! We’ve witness them get engaged, married and now parents-to-be Joyce and Juancho are about to find out whether they’re having a boy or a girl. Watch this [...]