Brandon & Grass | Intimate Wedding Film

Brandon is Grass’ ultimate crush. He was an altar boy and she’d constantly check him out during mass service. When Grass finally got the opportunity to shoot her shot, the most embarrassing and unexpected thing happened. 💕

There’s tooth.. 😬 truth to what they say that there are no accidents when it comes to love because little did Grass know that the boy she used to always search for at church will be the man waiting for her at the altar.

Photography: Team Benitez Photo
Coordination: Stylescape by Sarah Abalos
Gown: Teena Sabrina Tan
Suit: Chuck Fashion
Makeup: Makeup by Chie Gonzales
Church Styling: Stylescape by Sarah Abalos
Entourage Bouquet: Ram Morales
Livestream: BlueEvents – Stills & Cinematics

Brandon & Grass | Intimate Wedding Film from Treehouse Story on Youtube.

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