This is our Treehouse Story.

“A Treehouse is every child’s Time Machine, riding on colorful waves of ideas that bring you to a world where the possibilities are endless, carefree moments never stop and your dreams begin.”

We were just a couple of kids climbing up a tree house–playing with our imagination, living carefree moments and going on endless adventures. It was where we painted our colorful childhood dreams across the sky. These were the days we lived for. The moments we held on to. With the company we will never forget. Some of the greatest stories ever told stayed up at that tree house. Now, we wake up looking back on those carefree moments that remind us of who we are. Eager to hear different stories and memories of life and love, turning random strangers into friends who inspire us. These are the stories that fuel our drive to create and capture. Molding an empty canvas to a beautiful masterpiece. This passion has consumed us and has driven us to cross the boundaries of our imagination.

Today, we are reborn as Filmmakers, Creators and True Believers. Still climbing great heights to capture a better perspective and stumbling upon life’s wonderful surprises. This is who we are. This is our Treehouse Story.

  • Alesi Almario
    Alesi Almario Managing Director

    “Every wedding film has a different story with a distinct style and personality. You know what the best part is? Meeting a lot of incredible people and establishing solid connections with them. It makes the job so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.”

  • Hani Martinez
    Hani Martinez Chief Editor

    “Our job is not the typical 9-5 and can be challenging sometimes because we work hard to produce quality output. But at the end of the day, it’s about that moment when our work is flashed on screen and we see our wedding couple and their guests enjoying what we created together. That’s what makes it fulfilling—to be able to share that experience is truly rewarding.”

  • Patrick Benitez
    Patrick Benitez Creative Director

    “It doesn’t matter how grand the wedding is or how good looking the couple is. We always want to focus on the story, the rawness of every word uttered in their vows, the sincerity of their body language. We want to show real life instead of reel life.”


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