Ron & Kaye | SDE

Love is not having butterflies all the time. Love brings calm and safety. Love is when you look at the person next to you and feel at home. Kaye has found her home in Ron – forever and [...]

Angelo & Yanille | SDE

When you meet your one true love, it’s no coincidence. Call it luck, call it destiny but there’s no force greater in this world than two hearts that beat as one. Yanille married her [...]

Sonny & Niah | SDE

‘Since I was young, I’ve always asked God to bless me with a kind and patient man. So when we finally meet, my heart was filled with joy, a joy beyond words can describe, but [...]

Ken & Maina | SDE

Choosing to love someone is about taking chances, making compromises, and loving with an open heart. Loving is about being open to endless possibilities and seeing the world with new eyes. [...]

Choi & Nix | SDE

“Ito na ang pangako ng Diyos sa atin. Pinadaan man niya tayo sa bagyo, lindol at lubak lubak na daan, hindi parin niya tayo binitawan hanggang sa marating natin ang dulo kung saan siya [...]

Oliver & Carmela |SDE

Oliver & Carmela | SDE “I was lost and I was very sad. But you came and your love changed everything.” PS: They make the best Banana Cake in town. Check out Carmela’s [...]

Ermel & Melanie | SDE

How much does he love her? He will marry her twice. Twice on the same day. This is not the easiest task for us but surely one of the most fulfilling. To be able to capture, edit and present on [...]

Niki & Shanny

A wedding in Tagaytay. Here’s Niki & Shanny’s Same-Day-Edit Video Photographer: J Lucas Reyes Coordinator: Tani Escobar Gown: Gretchen Pichay Hair and Makeup: Diana Santos [...]