John & Mela | SDE

“I really believe that when God made us, he placed a little bit of Himself in each of us. But I really believe that he placed a little bit more of Himself in you.” Photographer: Matt [...]

Ken & Maina | SDE

Choosing to love someone is about taking chances, making compromises, and loving with an open heart. Loving is about being open to endless possibilities and seeing the world with new eyes. [...]

Noel & Kristina | SDE

“We will face the world together. Not looking back nor too far ahead. Only looking up to the heavens for all the guidance we will ever need. And when the world misunderstands you, I will be [...]

Val & Karina | SDE

“I now know the reason why I met you. It’s because God is so great and faithful; And every time I look at you, I know God loves me because he gave me you.” #KAWYgotTANned [...]

Mark & Sheryl | SDE

“It is only love which can make your marriage a glorious union. It is only love that transcends all weaknesses and strengths. It is only with love that your marriage can last and endure all [...]

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